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Week 51 – Post Wedding Photo at Lake Tekapo


Just married – Lake Tekapo


Lupins Flowers at Lake Tekapo


The tree trunk with love


I love trees, to me it is still alives


The lonely tree trunk at Lake Tekapo



At The Church of Good Shepherd


Mr. and Mrs.


Be company with the lonely tree trunk at Lake Tekapo


Be company with the lonely tree trunk at Lake Tekapo


Lupins at Lake Tekapo

Week 50 – Earth and Sky Stargazing Tour Tekapo

Make sure you have extra nights at Lake Tekapo, because the tour could be cancelled due to bad weather. If the tour is cancelled, no worry, as they offer full refund or transfer the tour to other possible nights as long as you are in Tekapo. We, initially, booked Nov 23, but that night it was windy, vehicles were not allowed to climb up Mt. John for safety reasons. So, we were being transferred to other tour on Nov 24. The night sky of that night was not something I had expected. The moon was too bright, bright enough to block out many stars. If I had avoided the moon period, I believed the sky view would look so much different. But, on the other hand, the tour was great! The tour guides are very friendly, informative and knowledgeable. They taught us how to locate stars, and show us stars and clusters through big telescope. Also, if you bring a camera with you, you can hand it to their photographer, Chris, and he will help you to take fantastic photos of the night sky with your camera (a DSLR camera is recommended, that’s only my opinion). Moreover, I did enjoy very much to look at the dark sky through the powerful telescope inside the dome. Don’t miss out the chance to get inside the dome and peer through the telescope. It was spectacular and so amazing. Those close-up images of the universe that you see through their big telescope are something you won’t forget in your lifetime! :D

Here are photos taken by the photographer, Chris Murphy, Earth & Sky Stargazing Tekapo

group photo stargazing



Earth&Sky Flickr

Week 49 – 95% Fullmoon at Mt. John Observatory


This photo was taken by Earth & Sky Ltd with my Canon 500D during the stargazing tour at Mt. John Observatory on Nov 25 midnight. The tour was great! I did enjoy it very much, and that was my first time to experience to peek the wonders of the southern universe through powerful telescopes! 

Week 48 – Selfie Post-Wedding Photo in Tekapo


Just Married


Selfie (the selfie stick was hidden under the rock)


The dried tree trunk at Tekapo


Lupins at Tekapo

Here are some selfies post-wedding photos taken by my mom’s Iphone 5S at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Hope you guys like it! :D

Week 47 -Just arrived to Queenstown


Pure nature landscape here!! So amazing!!!

Week 46 – My Honeymoon Trip Plan

I just planned out the itinerary for our 9 days trip in South New Zealand. We roughly have only a few days in Queenstown and three to four days in Tekapo. I love planning itinerary, because I can choose to go all the places according to my preferences. Haha. My fiance never complaint about it, as the the thing that matters him most is FOOD. He has to eat right on time, never put him too hungry, and he likes vegetarian food. If I could satisfy those 3, I can go whenever I want to. :D

Here is my rough planning of the trip.





Week 45 – Monks

monks 1 monks 2

Last night, I and my fiance went to a Buddhist Ceremony. We stayed out the crowd and stood on the left side near the stage. I couldn’t believe that the Iphone 5S from my mom could capture the images so clearly from far away. :D