Something to share in every single week throughout the year

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Week 18 – Pasta Maker Marcato Atlas 150


I bought a pasta make. From now on, I can try to make my own flavor fresh pasta.😀

Week 17 – Dried Cherries Homemade Bread


Once you have the basic bread recipe, you can start creating your own flavor bread by changing some of the ingredients. Here you go, the BASIC RECIPE:

~ BREAD SIZE 750 g ~
375 g Bread flour
30 g Sugar
3 g Salt
240 g Water
30 g Olive Oil
1 1/2  tsp of seeds
4 g Fast action dried yeast
18 pcs Dried nuts

Now, I replace some of the ingredients with my own desiring flavor:

~ BREAD SIZE 750 g ~
375 g Bread flour
30 g Brown Sugar
3 g Salt
240 g Water
30 g Cocunut Oil
1 1/2  tsp dried coconut and black seeds
4 g Fast action dried yeast
30 pcs Dried cherries

Week 16 – The Giang Rubber Duck Visits Macau

IMG_7279The Giant Travelling Rubber Duck is coming to Macau on April 29! I’m looking so forward to seeing him coming to my hometown.

Week 15 – I found a book


I found a recipe book that is meat free and all about cooking vegetables.😀

Week 14 – Repairment

IMG_7032Have you ever wondered how it looks like when your violin needs to be fixed after years of practicing? This is a sample of a violin of how it will look like during the process of some major repairment.

Week 13 – Misty

IMG_7009The humidity level was high at that day.

Week 12 – Ceiling Art Workshop

A workshop relates with the ceiling art of The Gu Gong Palace in Beijing, an event held on last Saturday at the Macao Cultural Centre. There were 15 participants who joined in the workshop. The man who was standing next to me, he was one of the artists at the workshop who showed us and taught to paint. Every one who joined in the workshop can volunteer to take the chance to paint, and all the volunteers were gifted a framed painting at the end of the workshop.