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Week 8 – Ten Years Of Red Packets


People pay a visit to their relatives and friends, giving red packets along with Good wishes during Chinese New Year. This year, uncle P. gave me ten red packets!!! I asked him why, and he said he did this because he didn’t give me red packets for the last ten years!!! :D :D :D

Week 7 – Valentine’s Day

valentine 1015 annnoy

This is the most annoying Valentine’s Day ever. We have our good times and our bad but at the end of the day we learn to accept and love each other and that’s all that matters.

Week 6 – Goddess Of Mercy


This is a CD that I bought from a trip to Ngong Ping Village, Hong Kong, at Christmas 2014. The female voice and the song captured my attention when I was walking in the village. I followed the sound and came into a souvenir store that sells everything about Buddha. I found the CD, then realized that the song is about the Goddess of Mercy. So beautiful.

I found this song on youtube. I hope you all like it. :P

Week 5 – Sunrise at Guia Monte

sunrise jogging

I took this picture last week on Friday, while I was jogging at Guia Monte in the morning before going to work.

Week 4 – A Street Violinist At My Back


I saw this beautiful violinist playing a violin on one of the most busiest place in Macau – Leal Senado Square, at the the moment I passed the street after work.

Week 3 – A picture taken in a studio

2014 anie shop

I rarely go to studio to take pictures, and this is one I took at my boyfriend’s friend’s newly-opened studio. :D

Week 2 – A selfie photo that I took with a kid


This is little C.H., my boyfriend’s nephew. I met him at a restaurant while he was having lunch with his grandparents and I was eating with my friends. I grabbed him to take this picture with me. Hee Hee.