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Week 12 – The Sunshine Award

What a wonderful surprise I received from Viviene in a few days ago. She nominated my blog to receive the Sunshine Award. Thank you so much, dear! 😀

According to her words, this award is given to “bloggers who are inspirational, and who have impacted your blogging or your life.”


  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.


1. Favorite color: Purple!
2. Favorite animal: I love penguins, polar bears, elephants, whales, dolphins, etc. If I really have to choose one of them, that will be…elephant. ^^
3. Favorite number: I don’t have any favorite number. If I really have to pick one, I will pick the number 3, cause it symbolizes divine perfection.
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water is the best!
5. Facebook or twitter: To me, they are both the same thing.
6. Passion: I love playing musical instrument.
7. Getting or giving presents: I’d prefer to give.
8. Favorite pattern: Checkers.
9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday, cause it still a holiday on the following day.
10. Favorite flower: Lily!


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5. Helen: “HelenOgraphy”
6. Lina: “Japan Mad Family”
7. Maenamor: “Not another gloomy sunday”
8. Nigel: “I’m excellent at being me… nobody else can be”
9. Northern Prints: “Photos from Minnesota”
10. Nia: “With a camera you learn so many things that you haven’t noticed before…”
11. Spilledinkguy: “Random things I make.”
12. Saarimner: “My thoughts, pics and personal opinions”
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14. The Island Traveler: “My past , present and dreams for the future”
15. The Lantern Room: “Enlightenment Through Photography”
16. Tony Mcgurk: “Comic World”
17. Victor Ho: “Word and image”

Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Photo created on March 24, 2012.

Week 11 – Invisible Connection

A week ago (on Saturday), about the same time of the day, between 3 to 4 pm, I was taking a nap on my bed while Helen was heading to the place where her parents live; between 7 to 8 pm, I was standing in front of the lake watching the scenery while Helen was enjoying her tea time at home, etc…

I and Helen had planed to do a full day of photo shooting on a same date, starting at seven o’clock in the morning on March 10, 2012, then share the photos on both of our blogs.

Now, the photo project is completed, and the experience leads me to some thoughts about a magical connection between people who are thousands of miles away from each other, and have never met in person, but share the same interests – photography and blogging. And, it is these common interests that link people together. What a wonderful thing in the world!

Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Photo created on March 17, 2012.

Week 10 – 24 Hour: A Collaborative Photo Project

I am so happy to join with Helen to do the same photo project together at the same date, on March 10, 2012. We took pictures throughout the whole day, and while Helen was doing it in UK, I was doing it here in Macau. 😀

Here are the photo sets:


The message: “I watch the time flies out the window, realizing only a few things I actually can do in one single day. I wish I could stop the clock and achieve everything I need to get done before all the time slips away.” — March 10, 2012 Ristinw

07:04: Alarm clock on, turn it off, then get back to sleep.
08:18: The first object I see when I open my eyes.
09:01: Deciding what to wear.
10:05: At the Lighthouse of the Guia Hill.
11:02: I think to myself, “Hmmm…The clock is being re-painted!”
12:02: Walking past Se Cathedral, and ask myself, “Why is time passing so quickly?”
13:20: My lunch.
14:16: z Z…
15:06: …z Z
16:44: z Z…In the dream: I am throwing the clock out the window.
17:31: Wake up. I look at the clock and think, “I will be late!”
18:10: At the Leal Senado Square.
19:05: Walking past Nan Van Lake, and ponder…
20:16: My dinner.
21:25: Walking past Leal Senado Square.
22:10: Just finished my hot chocolate.
23:17: Walking past Se Cathedral, and look at the clock…
00:03: On my way home.
01:44: I can’t wait to crawl into my bed.
02:00-06:53:…z Z

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Camera: Iphone 4S
Images created between March 10-11, 2012

24 HOUR IN PHOTOS (5983 Miles Apart) (by Helenog)

Here I am in the UK ready to tuck into a mid morning snack, and while I am writing Cristinain Macau is probably eating her evening meal. We live 5983 miles apart and have never met but we’ve been following each other’s photo blog for the last year… (To read the full post)

7-8 am : A sleepy eyed sunrise
8-9 am : I can’t put my book down!
9-10am: Lovely post 🙂
10-11am : Late breakfast
11-12pm : Getting ready to go out
12-1pm : Waiting for the train
1-2 pm : Watching the end of Mart’s football match
2-3 pm : Lunch on the road in Birmingham
3-4 pm : Heading to Bolton where my parents live (2 hours away in the North West)
4-5 pm : Passing the Reebok Stadium; the home of Bolton Wanderers FC …when I see the stadium I’m nearly home!
5-6 pm : Northern cobbled back streets
6-7 pm : The view from my old bedroom
7-8 pm : Tea time
8-9 pm : Feet up with chocolate and a magazine
9-10pm : Reading a friend’s dissertation on my iPad
10-11pm: Time for bed
11pm-6am: Sleep
6-7 am : An early get up to go and watch Mart’s half marathon run

7-8am, 2. 8-9am, 3. 9-10am, 4. 10-11am, 5. 11am-12pm, 6. 12-1pm, 7. 1-2pm, 8. 2-3pm, 9. 3-4pm, 10. 4-5pm, 11. 5-6pm, 12. 6-7pm, 13. 7-8pm, 14. 8-9pm, 15. 9-10pm, 16. 10-11pm, 17. 1-2am, 18. 11-12pm, 19. 12-1am, 20. 4-5am, 21. 3-4am, 22. 2-3am, 23. 5-6am, 24. 6-7am

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Cameras: HTC phone or Lumix DMC-G1
Images created between March 10-11, 2012

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Week 9 – Iphone Art/Photography


Is he waiting for the sun to rise? Is he taking a break? Or is he busy digesting food? 😀 I wonder what he is doing and thinking about…

Photo taken with an Iphone 4s and edited with PhotoToaster and ScratchCam.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Here you can view the before and after of this image: