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Week 4 – Hélène Grimaud Piano Recital


Music is like food to the soul. Tonight, I am at the CCM’s Grand Auditorium waiting for the piano recital by Hélène Grimaud. While I’m still waiting for the performance, I read through the pages of the recital program and learn that Hélène Grimaud will play Mozart, Berg, Liszt and Bartók’s piano music in this evening. Since Mozart is my favorite classical musician, I can’t wait to listen to the piano sonata that Hélène Grimaud is going to bring to the audience. 😀

Here is the recital program:

Mozart  Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, K. 310
Berg   Piano Sonata, Op. 1
Liszt   Piano Sonata in B minor, S. 178
Bartók  Romanian Folk Dances, BB 68

Five more minutes to go and this exquisite and beautiful musician is readying to touch the audience’s heart with her profound and passionate performance.

Camera: Iphone 4S
Location: Grand Auditorium at Cultural Center Macau

Week 3 – Instant Shot On The Street

Instant Shot On The Street

A female with black frame eyeglasses waiting to cross the street at San Ma Lou.

Will she know that she was being photographed? 😀

Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Location: San Ma Lou (official street name is Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro)
Date: Jan 13.2013

Week 2 – A Thought To Ponder: “Discover Your Work”

week 2_2013

Buddha says, “Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

I always ask myself (this usually happens on Mondays) why I’m trapped in a small office room dealing with uninteresting and boring paper works. When will I be free?

That takes me to wonder, If I had discovered my work, If I had learned the ultimate “lessons” I need to learn at this small and uninteresting working place, would I be free from work then? 😛

P.S.: Only my work that I feel uninteresting, but people I’ve met at my work are all nice and great. 🙂

Camera: Iphone 4S
Location: At the office

Week 1 – Little Story About Macau (1/12)

week 1-macau

I was born and raised in this small city. The total land area of it is approximately 29.7 km2, included the two islands of Taipa and Coloane. Its little size would sometimes make me to think it is a town, rather than a city.

If I were asked, what is special about this place, I would say it is a place blessed by Angels and God, as well as a place to find the traditional Chinese culture while at the same time to find Portuguese buildings built in the earliest 15th century. I said it is a place blessed by Angels and God, because it was said by folks that Our Lady of Fatima appeared once on this land.

Also, this city is very religious. Many churches, chapels, temples and other religious communities could be found in here, and the distance between many of them is only within 2 minutes of walk. The various religious communities maintain peaceful relationship with one another. A temple located right behind a church, and a Christian community placed next to a temple. People are free to believe their own religion, and some of them are even followers of more than one single religion. The freedom of belief and respect given to each other make this possible to happen.

To me, this symbolizes harmony and great acceptance of one another. I believe that every different kind of religion in this world is come from the same source, or same “God”. It is because we have different culture, speak different language, and have different background and history, make us to have various kind of religion to be born for different culture and society. I believe the truth is always beyond what we seem, and it is beyond the grasp of our limited human consciousness.

I hope everyone have a great New Year.
I wish you all have a prosperous and joyful year ahead and best of luck with everything. 😀


Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Location: Atop the Hill on Estrada de Sete Tanques, Taipa