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Week 10 – Five Days Trip in Beijing (2/3)


Beijing_Day 3_01
It is easy to get to Badaling Great Wall by train, but beware not to be confused Beijing North Railway Station with Beijing Railway Station shown on the subway map. Beijing North Railway Station will get you to Badaling Great Wall, but the Beijing Railway Station will not. (In the picture, it is the Beijing Railway Station)

Beijing North Railway Station is located above the Xizhimen Station (on the subway line number 2). The train ticket to Badaling cost only RMB$6.00 per person, and it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to Badaling. Then, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes of walk to the entrance of The Great Wall. All seats are first come first served. I hope that the time you visit Badaling Great Wall could provide you soft seat tickets in the train. The period of time that I travel in the train did not provide soft seat tickets.

Beijing_Day 3_04

Beijing_Day 3_042

We were lucky in the beginning of the trip. We found empty seats in the train from Beijing North Railway Station to Badaling Station, but good luck didn’t stick with us when traveling back from Badaling to Beijing North Railway Station. All seats were taken. I saw people chose to sit on the ground, but I chose to stand in the train for more than one hour.

Beijing_Day 3_03

I forgot to tell you that there is a small food store in the railway station, where you can buy instant noodles, drinks and snacks while waiting for the train. Hot water is free and could be found at the corner outside the ladies room, which is located on the left hand side of the railway station (opposite to the food store).

Badaling Station is the final station of the train. All trains to Badaling is begins with “S2”. Also, you can get your return ticket right after you arrive at Badaling station.

Beijing_Day 3_020

We were lucky that there weren’t too many people around.

Beijing_Day 3_024

Badaling Great Wall is easy to climb. Handrails are installed inside each side of the wall, and the steps are well-paved.

Beijing_Day 3_025

I feel shaky when looking down.

Beijing_Day 3_027

You can see that there are so many steps to climb.

Beijing_Day 3_030

Lastly, I make it to “the eight tower in the north”, and after that I didn’t want to climb further up.

Beijing_Day 3_034

Looking back.
I wonder how it looks like when all the landscapes covered with snow.

Beijing_Day 3_035

You can choose to descend the Great Wall through the side path.

Beijing_Day 3_036

This is the side path that I am talking about.

To be continued.

Camera: Iphone 4S + Canon 500D