Something to share in every single week throughout the year

Week 8 – Getting So Behind…

I’m sorry that I’m getting so behind on my blog! This year it’s been so hard to keep up. I guess I’m doing many things at the same time that it is so hard to keep posting every week.

Now, what should I do? … Maybe I should start with telling you guys of what has happenned recently in my little world. 😀

My coworker is owning two babies turtles in the office. Both of them have yellow points on their heads. They are semi-aquatic turtles, so they need an habitat setup with both separate land and water areas to mimic their natural environment. But I think it is still not enough space for them … they need more space and sunlight… But if I were him, I would rather not owning them, I prefer letting them free in real natural environment.



On February, I had been to Singapore (again). I mainly visited temples and churches on that trip. I’ve found that there are still so many places in Singapore that I haven’t visited yet. I never get bored visiting Singapore again and again. 😀

On April, uncle stayed at my house for a month. After that, I’ve spent almost all the weekends doing some little work for my house renovation. Until recently I have a little time posting. ^0^

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