Something to share in every single week throughout the year

Week 13 – Sri Krishnan Hindu Temple

Sri Krishnan Hindu Temple is located right next to Kuan Yin Temple, at Waterloo Street. I find that the Hindu temple pretty impressive. It is colorful with fantastic Hindu decorations.

It says that Sri Krishnan Hindu Temple starts around 1870s, when quite a large community of Hindus living in and around the area on the ground around the existing banyan tree with the deities of Sri Vigneshwarar and Sri Hanuman at the foot of the tree. Later that site was converted into a shrine and was the humble beginning of Sri Krishnan Temple. A Temple Mandapam in front of the shrine with concrete roofs was built in 1959 with Brahmin priests to conduct prayers and ceremonies. It is said that Hinduism is like a giant banyan tree which sets down new roots wherever its branches reach. Every year during September, thousands devotees would congregate here in celebrations of Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s birthday.



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