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Week 15 – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is a Tang-Styled Chinese Buddhist Temple built in the heart of Chinatown. Located at 288 South Bridge Road, Singapore. The temple is very well kept in very good condition. If you visit this place, make sure you have time to visit all the four floors, including basement, and the roof garden on top of the temple. It is good to make some offerings when you visit temples. Flowers, food and candles are placed at the front desk in the Front or Rear Courtyard to be sold to visitors.

There are some rules you might find it useful when entering the temple. Bare backs, off-shoulders, shorts, mini-skirts, pets and non-vegetarian food are seriously not allowed inside the temple. If you are not prepared, you could borrow the long robes/cloth from the temple, which are placed at the side way near the entrance.



On the above picture, it is a hall where you can see there are more than a hundred of small Buddha statue sitting on the two sides of the hall. There is a staff sitting behind the cashier at the entrance corner offering coins change for visitor who would like to make offerings to each of the Buddha. The staff will hand you a bowl with 100 coins of $0.10 if you exchange a $10 SG dollar bill with him.

(a description at the temple)

“Placed at both sides of the main hall of the temple are the statues of One Hundred Buddhas, which are mentioned in the ‘Sutra of the Names of the One Hundred Buddhas’.

In this sutra, Buddha told Sariputra, “If a devout person hears the name of the present Buddha with reverence, he will be protected from all evils, accumulate immense merit, accomplish the Way of the Bodhisattva and gain knowledge of the past, present and future. Moreover, he will possess complete sense faculties and be in the presence of all Buddhas, thereby swiftly attaining peerless Enlightenment.”

The same sutra states that the ‘One Hundred Buddhas have the ability to help the world and whoever recites, copies, makes offerings and expounds the hundred holy names with reverence will have his greed, hatred, ignorance and fear purified’.

The statues of One Hundred Buddhas are individually handcrafted by several sculptors.”






The stairways and lift are hidden at the corner of the entrance of the ground floor. You might not view it at first sight. It is worth to visit upstairs, as there are museum, meditation room hall and precious Buddhism relics at different floors. A roof garden is on the top of the building, also, there is vegetarian lunch set at the basement of the temple. The place is clean and comfortable. If you like greens and healthy food, this place is right for you.


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