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Week 17 – The Temple of 1000 Lights

The Temple of 1000 Lights, also known as the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, in Chinese “释迦牟尼菩提迦耶寺”. It is a Chinese Buddhist Temple with Thai influence. Located at 336 Race Course Road, Singapore. About ten minutes of walk from Farrer Park MRT station. Founded by a monk from Thailand, named Vuthisasara, in 1927.

In the early years, this sacred site was selected as it was in an area predominantly settled by Indians and Chinese. The original temple was a wooden structure with a simple courtyard. It represented a mixture of both Chinese and Indian influences, reminiscent of a Thai Wat. It is said that during the Japanese Occupation, many people sought refuge to the temple because those days religious institutions were seldom attacked. Also, during war time, many British prisoners also took the opportunity to pass secret notes and letters back to England through the temple.

The giant Buddha you can see from the picture stands at a height of 15 meters and weighing 300 tons. Behind the statue there is a sleeping Buddha at the back and Lord Ganesha at the back corner.

The temple is small, but very nice and shows a lot of details. You would like it if you like Buddhist culture.



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