Something to share in every single week throughout the year

Week 27 – Sky On 57

That morning I took my boyfriend to Sky On 57, at Marina Bay Sands, to have our Valentine’s Day breakfast. 😀 Although the buffet price was a bit expensive but the scenery from the restaurant was worth the price. There were two options to choose. Sitting inside with comfy sofa and air-conditioner or sitting outside baring with the strong heat from the sun. The staff suggested us to sit inside, but I preferred to sit outside. After sitting outside for a couple of minutes, I saw my boyfriend’s face starting to turn a bit red. Then, about ten minutes later, I noticed his first drop of sweat on his head! Hee Hee! That was really hot (for him)! But he said he didn’t mind.

Anyway, trust me, even thou it is extremely hot, but sitting outside the view is much better, as you can look at the view of the city and at the same time having your breakfast, and that experience you won’t have it inside. 😀 😀 😀




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