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Week 15 – Nothing Happens Until You Make it Happen

week 15_heart sutra
A monkey is being held captive in a huge cage with plenty of food. Not far away from the cage there is a blackboard, and this is the instruction written on the blackboard, “You can unlock the door by using the key placed in your pocket. You will be free.” The monkey reads the instruction every single day, but still in the cage.

One day, a man approaches the cage and asks the monkey:
Man: “Do you want to go free?”
Monkey: “Yes, I do.”

Man: “Haven’t you read the instruction written on the blackboard?”
Monkey: “I have.”

Man: “If so, why don’t you unlock the door and go free?”
Monkey: “I already did.”

Man: “Did you?”
Monkey: “Yes, I did. I can unlock the door by using the key placed in my pocket. After that, I will be free! How easy it is! I’m free!”

Man:”…Do you really understand what it means?”
Monkey: “Of course I know!” So simple! Unlock the door and go free!”

The monkey wants to go free. He says he knows how to go free but he never really try follow the instruction to unlock himself from the cage.
He knows how to free himself, but he does nothing.

Yesterday, I and my boyfriend went to a bookshop and bought two books about Heart Sutra (a comic version and a word version). We began to read it last night, and today when we meet each other we talked about them. In our conversation I suddenly realize that without practice and experience I cannot fully understand what something is really mean. It is just like that I know salt is salty, but if I never taste it I cannot truly say that I know what salty is.

Have a nice weekend! πŸ˜€

Week 12 – A Thought To Ponder: “Life As A Play”

week 14_play
β€œAll the world is a stage and all men and women merely player.”
– William Shakespeare

I have a question.
Do we play life or life plays us?
If we play life, we are freely to choose. If life plays us, we don’t have choices at all.

Look at the world we are living in. Look at the people around us. Look at their lives. Look at ours. What do you see?

I think I’m freely to choose, because I’m aware that there are countless of thoughts that I can choose to have at the moment I think about anything, there are thousands of words that I can choose to say at the moment I speak, also, there are so many actions that I can choose to take at the moment I do anything.

This idea seems to be true but it also seems to be untrue when I recognize that the choices I have made have fatefully brought me to a situation in which I will more likely to think that the choices I have made were already decided. Not decided by myself, but by life itself.

Also, there are other times that I realize no matter which path I choose to take, it would eventually takes me to the place I should be.

If that is true, it is life that plays us. Not us play life.

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Week 2 – A Thought To Ponder: “Discover Your Work”

week 2_2013

Buddha says, “Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

I always ask myself (this usually happens on Mondays) why I’m trapped in a small office room dealing with uninteresting and boring paper works. When will I be free?

That takes me to wonder, If I had discovered my work, If I had learned the ultimate “lessons” I need to learn at this small and uninteresting working place, would I be free from work then? πŸ˜›

P.S.: Only my work that I feel uninteresting, but people I’ve met at my work are all nice and great. πŸ™‚

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Location: At the office

Week 52 – Thank You

week 52

At the end of the year, I should say “Thank You” to …
– all the blog visitors and followers (without your support, I won’t keep up the last post of the year 2012);

– people who stopping by and comment (you are the most incredible and lovable person on earth!) πŸ˜€

– people who liked my posts (thank you for encouraging me to keep it up)

– each and every person that I’ve met (thank you for every smile and kindness)

– my friends
(thank you for always being there for me)

– my coworkers
(thank you for helping me dealing with problems and bearing with my lazyness)

– my parents
(I love you! To see both of you happy, I’m happy!)

– my dearest dear
(thank you for your love (even though I was annoying … sometimes)

– all the people in the world
(just to say thank you)

– all the food I have eaten
(without food, I cannot survive)

– and…

– finally, I have to say thank you to myself, especially to my physical body, without it I would not have chance to experience life and to see the greatness of the world! πŸ˜€


Week 32 – Wild Animals In The Zoo


Some people may say yes, and the reason is that we could help to prevent species from becoming extinct and to provide educational programs; other may say that it is wrong and selfish to keep wild animals in the zoo, taking them away from their home and freedom. What do you think? I love going to the zoo, but I feel sad when I see the animals looking sad and lifeless. It makes me think that they don’t seem to like being kept in the zoo for some reason. Maybe you would say that I’m just being subjective. (Yes, I am.) There is no factual basis to support what I’m thinking. Who are we to speak for the animals?

If we could talk to animals and learn what they really feel about being locked behind bars, do you think that things would have been the same?

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Photo created on June 12, 2006

Week 29 – We Have The Choice

About four years ago, I saw Batman 2 – The Dark Knight in the cinema. I still remember quite well the feeling I had when I was leaving the cinema after the end of the movie. I had a great time. The story was great. I liked it the way Christopher Nolan presented the film.

The movie led me to some thoughts about human weakness. When a very bad situation comes, there is a chance that even the most decent-hearted people could fall into temptation. However, in my opinion, there is always a choice. To be an evil or to be an angel is just a matter of what we choose to do.

I think that there is no guarantee in life that everything would be perfect, great and out of chaos. Bad things happen and always happen, even to good people. In these cases, people who are not strong enough to remain kind-hearted to deal with unfair and unpleasant situations would, eventually, fall into temptation to act badly. So, to be a good person is not an easy task, it needs resistance and perseverance, at least.

I remember that there is a story about how a devil tempts a good-hearted and hard working farmer to fall into the hands of the “unfavorables”. The devil fails in the beginning by giving the farmer bad luck, poverty, pain, struggle and suffering. It seems like there is nothing can impure the farmer’s pure heart. Until one day, the devil finds a very simple way to tempt the farmer, which is by giving him lots of money. Finally, the farmer falls into temptation and the devil successfully takes the farmer’s soul.

The little story here shows that human are so vulnerable. A friend of mine asked me what I think about a kind-hearted person. To me, a kind-hearted person must be someone who can always look for the good side in people and who can forgive others in any kind of situation, even when being treated unjustly, unfairly and badly by someone else. I know it is easier said than done. However, these are choices we have. We can choose to be good or to fall…

Image: Rough Sketch

Week 28 – Practice And Talks By Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

A friend of mine offers me two tickets to the “Practice And Talks By Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo”, an English-Tibetan Buddhist nun who spent 12 years in a remote cave in Himalayas, searching for spiritual enlightenment.

I never thought I would actually meet someone that honorable like her. I’m not a Buddhist, but still find her path and life experience very interesting.

The talk starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m.. It is quite long but worth a visit. Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo mainly talks about the mind training in eight verses, and I just can’t wait to share them with you here. They are:


1. Wishing to attain enlightenment
For the sake of all sentient beings,
Who excel even the Wish-fulfilling Jewel,
May I constantly cherish them all.

2. Whenever I am in the company of others,
May I consider myself least important,
And, from the depth of my heart,
Cherish others and hold them supreme.

3. In all activities, my I examine my mind,
And as soon as disturbing emotions arise,
Endangering myself and others,
May I firmly face and avert them.

4. Whenever I see ill-natured people,
Overwhelmed by strong misdeeds and sufferings,
May I cherish them as something rare,
As though I had found a treasure-trove.

5. When others out of envy
Mistreat me with slander and abuse,
May I take defeat upon myself
And offer the victory to them.

6. Even if someone whom I have helped
And in whom I have placed my hopes
Does great wrong by harming me,
May I see them as an excellent spiritual friend.

7. In brief, directly or indirectly,
May I give all help and joy to my mothers,
And may I take all their harm and pain
Secretly upon myself.

8. May none of this ever be sullied
By thoughts of the eight worldly concerns,
May I understand all things as illusions and,
Without attachment, gain freedom from bondage.

I quite like the atmosphere in the hall, it is quite peaceful and full of positive vibes. The way how she talks is wonderful. There is richness in her message, and wisdom in her eyes. Her words have souls. One of the thing she said that most impressed me was: “There is a seed in everyone of us, we all can awaken, and break free of the bonds of the wheel of reincarnation.”

Wish you all have a great weekend, and “love, compassion and healthy vibes” to you! πŸ˜€