Something to share in every single week throughout the year



Week 26 – Have a wonderful day



Week 1 – Faces While Watching TV


I captured these images while I was watching TV at the moment I saw a group of family in Nepal, on a film named “Happiness”, starring at the television.

Happiness – Thomas Balmes (Director)

Week 30 – Gundam

I bought myself two boxed sets of baby Gundam. A RX-93 V Gundam and a MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. I find them cute and want to take them home and assemble them by myself.

gaundam 1

In the first hour…

gundam 2

In the second hour…

gundam 4

Dun dun…

gundam 5


Week 7 – Versatile Blogger Award

Some of the rules for accepting Versatile Blogger Award are:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you.
– Share seven things about yourself.
– Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers.
– Add the Versatile Blog Award logo on your blog post.

I’d like to say thank you to Angrygaijin (Cameron Ohara) for the nomination!! You’ll never get bored when reading his blog. πŸ˜€ His humor writing style impresses me a lot!

Here are the 7 things about myself:

– I love visiting zoo.
– I love planting.
– I love traveling.
– I love Linkin Park.
– I love dreaming and I love keeping a dream journal.
– I love watching Master Jing Kong youtube channel.
– I love to be with my parents, they are the most loving people in my life!

Here’s my nominations:

P.S.: This is a scheduled post. My mind and body are still in Beijing. πŸ˜€

Each And Every Saturday

Starting next week, I will be writing a weekly blog about the little things I see, do, eat and encounter in my little world, which I find them interesting enough to share with the world, and I hope you all will like it!

Here is a rough plan of the type of posts that I’m going to blog about:

– In each and every first Saturday of each month, I will present a monthly theme photography;

– In every last week of the month, readers may expect to hear one of the musical tracks I created;

– In the rest of the posts, visitors will read about random things that I write in every week.

All the best.

Cristina ^^