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Week 41 – Ikea



We bought some furniture from Ikea.

Week 31 – Wall Decoration



I’m adding a wood panel behind the flower metal plate. They will be hung on a wall.

Week 30 – Laundry Room


laundry room door

We are making a black color cabinet to hide the washing/dry machine in this area. The upper cabinet is orange. I wish to add both warm and energetic atmosphere to this room. Once we finish it, I’ll post it here in this blog.

Week 24 – A Small Coffee Table

table 1IMG_1058

I made this by myself. It could be use as a coffee table or simply as a chair.

Week 22 – Yet To Finish


The working desk is yet to finish…

Week 21 – Part Of The Working Desk

desk 1 desk 2

This is the back of the working desk.

Week 14 – Wood Before & After Waxing


They are the same wood, but they change their color after waxing. Does this composition look like a mini wood sofa to you? 😛