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Week 34 – To the market



Week 19 – My First Pasta


I’m going to make colored pasta with carrot.


Using the bread machine to make dough.


After 30 minutes.


Rolling the dough with a wooden roller.


It’s time to play with the pasta maker.


Here it comes the pasta.


I leave them to dry overnight.


My other day breakfast. Fresh pasta with truffle sauce. 😀

Week 10 – Batata Greens



A mini supermarket which has an extensive selection of vegetarian meat replacement products including vegetarian seafood, vegetarian meat, vegetarian chicken and vegetarian pork products.

Here is their website:

Here is their address: N. 241 Sai Yee Street, Prince Edward station, Hong Kong

I bought home some of their products. They are all not expensive. Very reasonable price.

Week 9 – Grassroots Pantry – Vegetarian

I would love to introduce to you this healthy and fine dining restaurant at Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. It has a special name, which is “Grassroots Pantry”.

I found this restaurant through the internet with great reviews. Reviews claim that it is among the best vegetarian restaurants here in Hong Kong.

Therefore, I visited it with my husband a few days ago. When we got in the restaurant, a friendly female staff attended us and led us to the table. The interior design and the atmosphere of the restaurant are spectacular. So refreshing and green. I love it. We ordered a pumpkin soup as a starter and picked three dishes among the Main Course Menu. They use varieties of ingredients and the food is presented in texture. In a dish, I tasted sweet, sour, hot and spicy. They are well mixed together and not messed up one with another. Quite interesting. On the other hand, the flavors are quite strong. If you are a someone who likes strong and heavy flavors, this is a really nice place you should visit.

Tips: Reserve table in advance is better as there are only around 30 to 35 available seats.

Price: Expensive

Address: 108 Hollywood Road | Centrestage, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong – Tel: +85228733353

Week 41 – The Eleven Random Pictures

Chinese New Year 07

I’m sorry, I have to eat you. And you should know that I don’t want to. XD

Week 34 – The Eleven Random Pictures

food 18

That was a side dish I cooked for my boyfriend. I wanted to create an art.

Week 32 – The Eleven Random Pictures

a kid

Wasn’t he cute? He starred at me while I was taking his shot.

Week 31 – The Eleven Randoms Pictures

bake cake 2

I woke up in the early morning and found out my mother was baking cakes for Christmas. I couldn’t wait to join her and choose my own favorite ingredients to put in it.

Week 30 – The Art Of … Food



These are some of the vegetarian dishes I had at the dining hall at the basement of Gong De Lin Temple. It said that they hired a new cook, and that was the cook’s art piece. liked it a lot.

Week 3 – What We Need In Winter

People say, in Winter we need warm foods and warm drinks, but I say, in Winter we need ice-creams and colors.

In Winter, when the sun doesn’t shine too often and the blue sky is always covered by clouds, everything on the street just looks less beautiful and lifeless. Consequently, some people who are more easily affected by weather will prone to have low mood. We won’t notice it at all, and we probably won’t even notice the slightly changing in mood day after day affected by the lack of sunlight.

Ice-cream, therefore, can make wonders in this situation. Eating ice-cream really does make us happy.  It stimulates the production of happiness hormone (known as serotonin) in the brain, making us to feel happy and pleasure. If it sounds crazy to have ice-cream in such cold weather, there is still other way to lift the mood in the Winter. It is color. Looking at colorful things will make us happy as well. However, I understand that we have different perception of colors, not only by gender, but also by culture and personality itself. Some may view black as a color of style, elegance and power, others view it as a symbol of deceit, negativity and things hidden. Some may view white as a color of purity, innocence and faith, but others view it differently. It is fun to have these differences, but in general, bright and colorful colors really do make us happy.

I think I’m this type of person, the kind of person who is easily emotionally affected by the weather and by the lack of sunlight. I really don’t even notice it until I have the experience of a totally lift up after a bite of an ice-cream. 😀

Camera: Canon EOS 450D

Photo created on January 20, 2012.