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Week 46 – Assembling A Gundam (4/4)

Gundam in progress 26


Week 45 – Assembling A Gundam (3/4)

Gundam in progress 24

I wish this stuff would never be needed…
I wonder …
Is it necessary to equip this?

Week 44 – Assembling A Gundam (2/4)

Gundam in progress 17

Gundam in progress 21JPG

…About to complete…

Week 43 – Assembling A Gundam (1/4)

Gundam in progress 3

Gundam in progress 9

Working hard with assembling a RX-78 with 375 mm tall Gundam…

Week 30 – Gundam

I bought myself two boxed sets of baby Gundam. A RX-93 V Gundam and a MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. I find them cute and want to take them home and assemble them by myself.

gaundam 1

In the first hour…

gundam 2

In the second hour…

gundam 4

Dun dun…

gundam 5