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Week 19 – My First Pasta


I’m going to make colored pasta with carrot.


Using the bread machine to make dough.


After 30 minutes.


Rolling the dough with a wooden roller.


It’s time to play with the pasta maker.


Here it comes the pasta.


I leave them to dry overnight.


My other day breakfast. Fresh pasta with truffle sauce. 😀


Week 5 – Handmade Presents I made

IMG_5823IMG_5822IMG_5821I accidentally found this gift box. It was a Valentines handmade present that I made to my husband, when he was my boyfriend, 13 years ago. A hand glove and two stuff animals. Can you tell what animal they look like.:D

Week 32 – My Mom Handmade


Aren’t they cute to be placed on top on a computer monitor and next to a painting? 😀

Week 27 – Making Doors



Week 24 – A Small Coffee Table

table 1IMG_1058

I made this by myself. It could be use as a coffee table or simply as a chair.

Week 23 – Handmade

IMG_0925 IMG_0927

Week 22 – Yet To Finish


The working desk is yet to finish…

Week 21 – Part Of The Working Desk

desk 1 desk 2

This is the back of the working desk.

Week 20 – I’m Creating A Side Table

table 1

I’m using some extra woods to create a side table. 😀

Week 15 – A Cabinet


Almost finish…

Week 38 – Lovely Turtle


My mom loves spending time making stuff animals and this is her latest handmade stuff.

The reason I pick this picture to be on the 38th week post because time is passing fastly, 14 more posts to go and I will be finish 2013 weekly post project. I have set a few things to acchieve in this year project, but life is so busy, I just can’t do them all on time.😄

I am thinking, sometimes we need to slow down taking our time (like a turtle) to observe what is going on in life, otherwise we will miss a lot of things and live life chasing shadows…

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Have a nice weekend everyone!