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Week 13 – Misty

IMG_7009The humidity level was high at that day.

Week 33 – Linkin Park

Linkin Park, Linkin Park, I love you!
I love them so much. I love them since 2004…almost 10 years…XD
The show was super awesome that night, on August 15! I have to say that no matter how Linkin Park change the style of music, and no matter what they sing, to me, everything from them is just GREAT! 😀

They are my beloved band that I ever adore, and I just can’t wait for another second to share the best of my photos taken at the show with you here!
mike shinoda

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Camera: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-RX100 (Thanks Kim for lending me your camera)


1st time: 2007 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong

2nd time: 2007 Linkin Park at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan

3rd time: 2009 Linkin Park at Venetian Macau

4th time: 2011 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong

5th time: 2011 Linkin Park at Singapore Grand Prix

6th time: 2013 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong
2013 hong kong linkinpark

I’m looking forward to attending more shows in the future…

Week 43 – Nighttime (Work In Progress)

Sorry for the late post. I had planned to post this track “Nighttime” at Saturday, but I just couldn’t finish it. I need more time to work on it. 🙂 Right now this is only the first part of the whole track. The rest of it will be out soon…

By the way, I’m going camping tomorrow. I hope the sky will be clear at night, so that I can come back with images of the starry night sky. 😀

Image: Water drop on feather

Week 39 – Leaving

I was having this strange feeling of “leaving something behind” when I was making this track. Maybe I was subconsciously wanting to let go of something. An habit, a dream or a situation. I’m not sure about that, but whatever it is, I’m sure that is for the best, and this track helps express that inner feeling I have.

I’m so happy that I can share this with you here. 😀
Thanks for listening. I hope you like it.

Week 34 – Fallen Leaf

Hope you enjoy this track. Summer ends. Autumn is coming…

About this video:

Message: “Mother Nature is weeping. Her eyes will sooner or later run out of tears, wipe us out by drought and fear. When the last leaf falls, I’m afraid this will be the beginning of the falling of human civilization.

Visual created by: Ken
Music created by: me 🙂

Week 30 – Trapped Beautifully In A Dream

The music track describes a person who indulges in the surreal images and sensations in the dreamland. He is completely lost and he doesn’t know he is dreaming. As everything in the dream world looks so beautiful, tempting and quite real, he even resist to believe that it is just a dream and not real. After a while, when this person is becoming lucid, he starts to feel there is something wrong with the world he is being trapped in. He is aware that he is dreaming. Then, all he wants to do is to wake up. He struggles. He wakes up, and wakes up, but still he is in the dream. His awareness is weak. He falls back in the dream.

Just imagine what would be like if our waking life is also a dream…

Week 26 – A Melody From A Dream

This is a postcard that I received today, sent by my dear little cousin who is having her holiday in Hiroshima. 😀 I’ve never been to Hiroshima. I would like to visit it someday in the future…

Few years ago, I remembered having a dream in which I saw a beautiful angel humming a song in front of the crowd. Years have passed, I couldn’t remember the lyrics, but still remember its melody. Here you go…