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Week 37 – Solar Suitcase

In Uganda, many women die every day during their childbirth. Most of these women face a 1 in 35 lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy complications. So, maternal mortality is at a crisis point. The reason behind this is that there are 1.3 billion people who are living without access to reliable electricity, and health care in energy-poor regions, like Uganda, is severely compromised. Clinics and hospitals function in the dark at night, and among those most affected are mothers in need of emergency obstetric care and their newborns.

For a mother giving birth at night, electricity can really mean the difference between life and death.

This yellow solar suitcase, which is a high-efficiency solar energy system that fits in a carry-on-suitcase designed for medical settings providing health workers with reliable lighting and power for medical and mobile communication devices, can bring light to these pregnant women saving them from death during their childbirth.

Recently, WE CARE Solar has installed 68 Solar Suitcases at health care centers in Uganda. This means more women are choosing to give birth at a clinic with reliable lighting and power for medical devices. More healthy births and more lives have been saved because these yellow solar suitcases!
Thank you, WE CARE solar and Power the World!

Week 34 – Raise Fund For MUSIC FOR RELIEF

music for relief
Music For Relief is participating in a fundraising challenge. The charity that raises the most money will get USD$75,000 in donations. The dollars that raised and collected will go to Music For Relief enabling a quicker response to the future natural disasters.

The fundraising challenge started on August 19th and ends on 2013 September 24th at 12pm ET. Please support us! Every donation of yours helps make a difference.

I and my friend have joined the team as well, helping to raise as much as money we can. USD$261 we have raised, and USD$886 total raised so far. Join us or create your own team under the campaign of Music For Relief to help raise more fund. 😀

Music For Relief (MFR) is a charitable organization, founded by the band Linkin Park, dedicated to providing aid to victims of natural disasters as well as prevention of such disasters, and bringing awareness to global warming.

Established in 2005 to provide aid for those affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the idea for Music For Relief originated amongst the members of the band Linkin Park who wanted to do something to help those affected. The idea was that if they made a donation, and then asked their musician peers and their fans to make a donation as well, a huge impact could be made in assisting relief efforts. With this in mind, they started reaching out to others in the music community to get involved and became the founders of Music For Relief.

– It Made over USD$5,000,000 in donations;
– It has planted 1,000,000 trees to help reduce global warming;

Their programs have helped survivors of:
– 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami;
– Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Hannah, Ike & Gustav;
– Cyclones Nargis in Burma, Sidr, and Aila in Bangladesh;
– Wildfires in Southern California & Victoria Australia;
– Typhoons Ketsana, Parma, Morakot and Lupit in Southeast Asia;
– Zimbabwe Cholera Outbreak;
– Tornado in Mena, Arkansas;
– China’s Wenchuan Earthquake;
– 2009 Earthquakes in the Pacific Islands and Indonesia;
– 2010 Haiti Earthquake;
– Monsoon Flooding in Pakistan;
– 2011 Japan Earthquake & tsunami;
– Famine in Somalia.

power theworld
Power The World:
1.3 billion people in the world lack access to clean energy. This staggering fact ignited Linkin Park’s interest in helping to find solutions. In support of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s 2012 Year of Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, Linkin Park has pledged to Power the World by helping raise awareness about energy access, highlighting solutions and providing opportunities for people to get involved.

Power the World’s first project aims to help bring clean energy to Haiti, where 8 million people live without access to sustainable energy. Supporters can help bring Haiti out of extreme energy poverty by visiting and donating USD$10 to provide a solar powered lightbulb to a family in Haiti through EarthSpark International’s Enèji Pwòp (“Clean Energy” in Haitian Creole). This USD$10 donation will improve the quality of life for a family by lighting their home and enabling children to study, families to read, and all to feel safe and healthy.

Music for Relief has also partnered with WE CARE Solar to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies by sending Solar Suitcases to clinics and hospitals in Uganda where maternal mortality rates are at a crisis point. These Solar Suitcases are an economical, easy-to-use portable power unit that provides health workers with highly efficient medical lighting and power for mobile communication and medical devices to help save lives of mothers and babies. Click here to learn more about how you can help bring one to a clinic in need.

Power the World’s most recent project aims to bring innovative and sustainable energy to families in South America. Together with Uncharted Play, we are providing children with SOCCKETs, soccer balls that also function as portable generators. Each SOCCKET has the capability to power LED lamps, fans, cell phone chargers, water purifiers and audio speakers for an entire family.

Week 33 – Linkin Park

Linkin Park, Linkin Park, I love you!
I love them so much. I love them since 2004…almost 10 years…XD
The show was super awesome that night, on August 15! I have to say that no matter how Linkin Park change the style of music, and no matter what they sing, to me, everything from them is just GREAT! 😀

They are my beloved band that I ever adore, and I just can’t wait for another second to share the best of my photos taken at the show with you here!
mike shinoda

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Linkin Park 2013

Camera: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-RX100 (Thanks Kim for lending me your camera)


1st time: 2007 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong

2nd time: 2007 Linkin Park at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan

3rd time: 2009 Linkin Park at Venetian Macau

4th time: 2011 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong

5th time: 2011 Linkin Park at Singapore Grand Prix

6th time: 2013 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong
2013 hong kong linkinpark

I’m looking forward to attending more shows in the future…