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Week 35 – Meet my cousin



Week 34 – To the market


Week 8 – Madonna Rebel Heart in Macau

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There were songs that my father used to like to listen to while babysitting me. Among them were Madonna’s songs. That made me how I used to like Madonna very much when I was a little girl. I used to decor my bedroom with Madonna posters and listen to her songs frequently, and I sometimes (my mom told me that later) even brought her picture along with me when my  parents take me out to play. I once asked my mother to take me to salon to make my hair look like Madonna’s hairstyle. I can’t believe that my mother approved that and really took me to salon to fulfill my little wish. Now, when I think back, it was lucky that she only approved me curling my hair but not dying it to blonde. Otherwise, I would be looked too funny. Heehee. Those were childhood days…It seemed that I was her fan in long time ago.

Today, Madonna is here! She is performing live in Macau! This is a chance to see her live show. How could I miss it? I must go! I must go to the concert! Although I don’t have that “fan” feeling anymore, but it would be nice to take this chance to see her live concert. Right?

Week 4 – Happy Birthday to My Husband


First year we celebrated my husband’s birthday together in our apartment after marriage.

Week 8 – Getting So Behind…

I’m sorry that I’m getting so behind on my blog! This year it’s been so hard to keep up. I guess I’m doing many things at the same time that it is so hard to keep posting every week.

Now, what should I do? … Maybe I should start with telling you guys of what has happenned recently in my little world. 😀

My coworker is owning two babies turtles in the office. Both of them have yellow points on their heads. They are semi-aquatic turtles, so they need an habitat setup with both separate land and water areas to mimic their natural environment. But I think it is still not enough space for them … they need more space and sunlight… But if I were him, I would rather not owning them, I prefer letting them free in real natural environment.



On February, I had been to Singapore (again). I mainly visited temples and churches on that trip. I’ve found that there are still so many places in Singapore that I haven’t visited yet. I never get bored visiting Singapore again and again. 😀

On April, uncle stayed at my house for a month. After that, I’ve spent almost all the weekends doing some little work for my house renovation. Until recently I have a little time posting. ^0^

Week 52 – Little Story About Macau (12/12)

week 52

Built by the Jesuits in the mid-16th century, this is one of the three oldest churches in Macau. In the beginning, the church was just a wooden structure. The brick building was first built in 1801-1803 and was renovated throughout the 19th century.

The church is located on the southern coastline of Macau overlooking the sea, families of Portuguese sailors used to gather on the front steps of the church to pray and wait for their return, hence it was given the name: Feng Shun Tang (Hall of the Soothing Winds). The neighbourhood where the church is located used to be fairly wealthy, thus explaining the building’s scale and wealth of architectural treatment.

It is a neo-classical structure, with subtle Baroque decorative inspirations. The interior of the church is richly decorated as well, with ceiling painted turquoise with white and gold beams, from which hang elegant chandeliers. The high alter contains a figure of St. Lawrence in gorgeous vestments. Above him hangs a crown held by a cherub and behind is a stained glass window with a dove of peace.

You may like to visit this church on Sundays at 9:00 a.m., to attend the Sunday mass. Not every church in Macau has the same atmosphere and spirit you find in St. Lawrence’s Church. People who live in another district will also come to St. Lawerence’s Church to attend the mass on Sundays, as they find this place is more special than the others.

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Finally, I’ve reached the last post of 2013… 😀

Week 50 – Instant Shot On The Street

instant shot on the street
People are lining up for free newspapers.