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Week 36 -My husband likes to…



Week 35 – Meet my cousin


Week 32 – Buddhist Festival




Week 29 – Training gloves


Colorful training gloves.

Week 27 – Lotus Flower


“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest mud” – Buddhist Proverb

In the Buddhist tradition, the flower that rises above the muddy waters represents the act of ascending above all desires and attachments. According to Buddhism, this is the key to achieving spiritual enlightenment. Despite the flower having its roots in the mud, it grows upward in the direction of light. This is believed to represent the aspiration to rise above and move towards light. The lotus, therefore, symbolizes the journey from darkness (as depicted by the muddy pond) to the light of knowledge or wisdom.

Photo taken in the Leal Senado Square, by me.


Week 26 – Have a wonderful day


Week 14 – Repairment

IMG_7032Have you ever wondered how it looks like when your violin needs to be fixed after years of practicing? This is a sample of a violin of how it will look like during the process of some major repairment.

Week 13 – Misty

IMG_7009The humidity level was high at that day.

Week 11 – Mix Vegetable Bouquet


My mom is learning to make vegetable bouquet. This is what she did during the class.

Week 10 – Batata Greens



A mini supermarket which has an extensive selection of vegetarian meat replacement products including vegetarian seafood, vegetarian meat, vegetarian chicken and vegetarian pork products.

Here is their website:

Here is their address: N. 241 Sai Yee Street, Prince Edward station, Hong Kong

I bought home some of their products. They are all not expensive. Very reasonable price.

Week 9 – Grassroots Pantry – Vegetarian

I would love to introduce to you this healthy and fine dining restaurant at Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. It has a special name, which is “Grassroots Pantry”.

I found this restaurant through the internet with great reviews. Reviews claim that it is among the best vegetarian restaurants here in Hong Kong.

Therefore, I visited it with my husband a few days ago. When we got in the restaurant, a friendly female staff attended us and led us to the table. The interior design and the atmosphere of the restaurant are spectacular. So refreshing and green. I love it. We ordered a pumpkin soup as a starter and picked three dishes among the Main Course Menu. They use varieties of ingredients and the food is presented in texture. In a dish, I tasted sweet, sour, hot and spicy. They are well mixed together and not messed up one with another. Quite interesting. On the other hand, the flavors are quite strong. If you are a someone who likes strong and heavy flavors, this is a really nice place you should visit.

Tips: Reserve table in advance is better as there are only around 30 to 35 available seats.

Price: Expensive

Address: 108 Hollywood Road | Centrestage, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong – Tel: +85228733353

Week 8 – Madonna Rebel Heart in Macau

Madonna DSC09358

Madonna DSC09324

Madonna DSC09382




There were songs that my father used to like to listen to while babysitting me. Among them were Madonna’s songs. That made me how I used to like Madonna very much when I was a little girl. I used to decor my bedroom with Madonna posters and listen to her songs frequently, and I sometimes (my mom told me that later) even brought her picture along with me when my  parents take me out to play. I once asked my mother to take me to salon to make my hair look like Madonna’s hairstyle. I can’t believe that my mother approved that and really took me to salon to fulfill my little wish. Now, when I think back, it was lucky that she only approved me curling my hair but not dying it to blonde. Otherwise, I would be looked too funny. Heehee. Those were childhood days…It seemed that I was her fan in long time ago.

Today, Madonna is here! She is performing live in Macau! This is a chance to see her live show. How could I miss it? I must go! I must go to the concert! Although I don’t have that “fan” feeling anymore, but it would be nice to take this chance to see her live concert. Right?

Week 7 – Welcome My Girlfriends



I invited my babies girlfriends to come over for dinner during Chinese New Year. I challenged myself to cook 13 dishes for them. In consequences, it took me 10 hours to prepare and to cook. It was awesome and I find myself enjoy cooking.IMG_6204IMG_6197

Week 6 – My Brother-in-law’s Two Sons



They are so adorable!

Week 2 – Ups and Downs Like Ocean Tides


“Life is like the ocean tides, it goes up and it goes down, and we commit to face them both together.”

Location: Wanaka, New Zealand

Photographed by: Kylin Image

Date: 2015.11.27

Week 52 – Starting Out The Marriage Journey

“Starting Out The Marriage Journey – I will be there, no matter what.”

Location: Wanaka, New Zealand

Photographed by: Kylin Image

Date: 2015.11.27

Week 51 – Post Wedding Photo at Lake Tekapo


Just married – Lake Tekapo


Lupins Flowers at Lake Tekapo


The tree trunk with love


I love trees, to me it is still alives


The lonely tree trunk at Lake Tekapo



At The Church of Good Shepherd


Mr. and Mrs.


Be company with the lonely tree trunk at Lake Tekapo


Be company with the lonely tree trunk at Lake Tekapo


Lupins at Lake Tekapo

Week 50 – Earth and Sky Stargazing Tour Tekapo

Make sure you have extra nights at Lake Tekapo, because the tour could be cancelled due to bad weather. If the tour is cancelled, no worry, as they offer full refund or transfer the tour to other possible nights as long as you are in Tekapo. We, initially, booked Nov 23, but that night it was windy, vehicles were not allowed to climb up Mt. John for safety reasons. So, we were being transferred to other tour on Nov 24. The night sky of that night was not something I had expected. The moon was too bright, bright enough to block out many stars. If I had avoided the moon period, I believed the sky view would look so much different. But, on the other hand, the tour was great! The tour guides are very friendly, informative and knowledgeable. They taught us how to locate stars, and show us stars and clusters through big telescope. Also, if you bring a camera with you, you can hand it to their photographer, Chris, and he will help you to take fantastic photos of the night sky with your camera (a DSLR camera is recommended, that’s only my opinion). Moreover, I did enjoy very much to look at the dark sky through the powerful telescope inside the dome. Don’t miss out the chance to get inside the dome and peer through the telescope. It was spectacular and so amazing. Those close-up images of the universe that you see through their big telescope are something you won’t forget in your lifetime! 😀

Here are photos taken by the photographer, Chris Murphy, Earth & Sky Stargazing Tekapo

group photo stargazing



Earth&Sky Flickr

Week 49 – 95% Fullmoon at Mt. John Observatory


This photo was taken by Earth & Sky Ltd with my Canon 500D during the stargazing tour at Mt. John Observatory on Nov 25 midnight. The tour was great! I did enjoy it very much, and that was my first time to experience to peek the wonders of the southern universe through powerful telescopes! 

Week 48 – Selfie Post-Wedding Photo in Tekapo


Just Married


Selfie (the selfie stick was hidden under the rock)


The dried tree trunk at Tekapo


Lupins at Tekapo

Here are some selfies post-wedding photos taken by my mom’s Iphone 5S at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Hope you guys like it! 😀

Week 47 -Just arrived to Queenstown


Pure nature landscape here!! So amazing!!!

Week 29 – Sri Shivan Temple

Sri Shivan Temple is located at 24 Geylang East Ave 2, Singapore, just 5 minutes of walk from the Paya lebar MRT station.

This is a Hindu temple dedicated to the God Shiva. It is said that the temple was originally located in Potong Pasir from where it was moved three more times before finally coming to the present Geylang location.

I found this temple beautiful as its outer pastel was paint in nude color, different from other colorful Hindu temple I’ve seen before. I didn’t visit the interior as I heard people chanting inside the temple when I was standing in front of the temple. I was afraid to disturb devotees in case they were worshiping.




From this picture, you can see that the Sri Shivan Temple is just next to the Foo Hai Chan Monastery.

Week 15 – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is a Tang-Styled Chinese Buddhist Temple built in the heart of Chinatown. Located at 288 South Bridge Road, Singapore. The temple is very well kept in very good condition. If you visit this place, make sure you have time to visit all the four floors, including basement, and the roof garden on top of the temple. It is good to make some offerings when you visit temples. Flowers, food and candles are placed at the front desk in the Front or Rear Courtyard to be sold to visitors.

There are some rules you might find it useful when entering the temple. Bare backs, off-shoulders, shorts, mini-skirts, pets and non-vegetarian food are seriously not allowed inside the temple. If you are not prepared, you could borrow the long robes/cloth from the temple, which are placed at the side way near the entrance.



On the above picture, it is a hall where you can see there are more than a hundred of small Buddha statue sitting on the two sides of the hall. There is a staff sitting behind the cashier at the entrance corner offering coins change for visitor who would like to make offerings to each of the Buddha. The staff will hand you a bowl with 100 coins of $0.10 if you exchange a $10 SG dollar bill with him.

(a description at the temple)

“Placed at both sides of the main hall of the temple are the statues of One Hundred Buddhas, which are mentioned in the ‘Sutra of the Names of the One Hundred Buddhas’.

In this sutra, Buddha told Sariputra, “If a devout person hears the name of the present Buddha with reverence, he will be protected from all evils, accumulate immense merit, accomplish the Way of the Bodhisattva and gain knowledge of the past, present and future. Moreover, he will possess complete sense faculties and be in the presence of all Buddhas, thereby swiftly attaining peerless Enlightenment.”

The same sutra states that the ‘One Hundred Buddhas have the ability to help the world and whoever recites, copies, makes offerings and expounds the hundred holy names with reverence will have his greed, hatred, ignorance and fear purified’.

The statues of One Hundred Buddhas are individually handcrafted by several sculptors.”






The stairways and lift are hidden at the corner of the entrance of the ground floor. You might not view it at first sight. It is worth to visit upstairs, as there are museum, meditation room hall and precious Buddhism relics at different floors. A roof garden is on the top of the building, also, there is vegetarian lunch set at the basement of the temple. The place is clean and comfortable. If you like greens and healthy food, this place is right for you.

Week 3 – A Journey To The Past (3/7)

In my previous blog posts, I talked about what I witnessed in my past life regression, in which I saw myself as a little girl who dressed like a maid with a white apron. I followed the pathway to the entrance gate of the house I was in, and then I saw a black classic car passing by.

Here, my story continues:

A Newspaper Delivery Boy (Paperboy)
At the fountain, I meet a boy (same age as me, 7 or 8). He is wearing a brown colored blouse and a waistcoat (also brown color) over the blouse. In his head, he is wearing a brown colored checkered pattern tweed flat cap. He looks very pretty and friendly. He has freckles on his cheeks and his skin color is white. He is standing in front of me. After a while, he is playing with me at the fountain. I don’t know who he is. I look at his foot then I see a pair of black leather shoes he is wearing is worn out. He has got many newspapers in his arm. He is a newspaper delivery boy…

He has to leave. He turns around and is walking in the direction to the city. Behind him, there is a short hair black and white dog of medium size following him on the road. The dog stares at me with a pair of red eyes, which makes me very scary. I decide to follow the boy to see where he is going. The boy doesn’t know that he is being followed but the dog knows that I’m following them. I come to a grey flat paved road or a bridge (for both pedestrian and automobile). When I look down to the right side, I see that underneath the paved road (or the bridge) it is a one-way traffic lane (5 to 8 lane traffic) with many cars traveling from one destination to another. As I continue to walk, I see a woman in a long black dress walking in my opposite direction. She is holding a white (ivory) colored parasol with lace and a long handle. I don’t know who she is. She passes me by…

I keep stalking the boy at a far distance. I walk pass the paved road (or the bridge) and now I come to a store with green small grids and small glasses. I stop stalking the boy because in front of me it is an old man with white hair sitting in front of the store. He is a shoe repairman.



(to be continued)

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